Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Please Pass The Salt And Pepper

Today's painting came at the end of a really fun day spent with family. We hung out at Barnes and Noble for awhile which is one of our favorite things to do and then stopped and picked up some last minute items for tomorrow's feast. I bought these little salt and pepper shakers with the express purpose of painting them. I love anything copper and thought I'd enjoy the challenge. I enjoyed the process of painting them but think I need some more practice with copper! One of the reasons I love to paint so much is that it is a series of problems to solve....the kind of problems that my brain really is drawn to solve...that is what makes it a joy! Algebra, stopped up drains, why my sprinkler system keeps cycling.....NOT so much. Well, tomorrow is another painting day and it is Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Norma

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