Thursday, May 18, 2017

Robbie 2 by Norma Wilson

Robbie 2

This little guy took a little longer than  usual to complete as a commission because the decision was made after I began to move back to the home where I raised my boys. It all happened in two weeks time! The last two weeks have been spent settling in and setting up my new...old studio once again. His pet parents had me paint a second portrait of him as Cairn terriers apparently change colors during their lives. The other I did of him now with dark hair and this was from his puppy years. All in all, I am getting to know Robbie pretty well. He sure is a cutie!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Double Trouble by Norma Wilson

Double Trouble

 © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 16" by 20"


Wouldn't you just love to give these two a scratch on the head and visit with them on your walk today? They look like a couple of characters and like they could get into some mischief.  I haven't posted in awhile but I have a good excuse! I moved! It was something I wanted to do but didn't
sure I could make it happen. So the whole decision to making the move happened in about two weeks. I am now back in the home where I raised my boys and it is so awesome. I had my adventure at the oceanfront for a couple of years, and then as a city girl for a few but there is truly no place like home Baile is loving her life again running around the back yard and my favorite thing is pulling into the garage with groceries instead of parking two blocks from my condo and hauling them up two flights of steps! Yesterday I made headway in my studio and should be able to get back to work! I miss painting and know it will be great to use all my new inspiration  into making new work. Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Oh Clementine!

Oh Clementine!

 © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 11"by 14"


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Such fond memories were conjured up as I painted today's paint along with my oil class. As the mom of three sons, I tried to keep foods on hand that would satisfy the snack urges that would come along with time spent on homework. Our store carried small crates of clementines and it was amazing how quickly they would disappear! They are so easy to peel, unlike oranges and are so delicious! Turns out they are pretty fun to paint as well. I can't seem to get enough of red and orange and even had fun painting a woven basket. 

Thursday, April 06, 2017



 © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"


From dogs to sheep...a wooly proposition. :-)  I took my time away from the easel to rest and regroup and could not stay away from portraits for very long. Whenever I paint a cow or sheep it takes me back to Ireland and some of the best memories of my childhood. They are so beautiful surrounded by an amazing pastural setting. I did see bunches of cows when on my birthday weekend this month in Charlottesville, Virginia. White ones like I saw so often in Ireland so I imagine they will make their way onto my easel shortly. Hope you are staying safe today with all these crazy storms. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Painting #31 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat In Thirty One Days Challenge


                                      © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"


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   Weimaraner Dogs are also known as Silver or Gray Ghost. They originated in Germany in the 1800's and were bred from pointing breeds, bloodhounds, and mastiffs. They were bred to be hunters and have a distinctive grey color. Dwight D. Eisenhower owned a Weimaraner.  They look so soft and regal too. I also read that they are very smart and need lots of exercise. 

    I have come to the end of my challenge and it has been a grand adventure meeting new furry friends on my easel, sharing on Facebook, and finding new collectors. Thank you to everyone who
participated. Time to schedule my massage and pop open some champagne! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Painting #30 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat Challenge

Cavalier King Charles Springer Spaniel

 © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"


       I just fell in love with this snaggle toothed cutie. Wonder if she has spied a bird outside the window? Or perhaps she is just wondering when it will be time for dinner. On the eve of finishing my challenge, I am wondering if I will be sad. Kind of like when Christmas comes and goes and while, and you might be tired from all the preparations, but you kind of miss the anticipation. For thirty one days, I have known my mission and get such a kick out of ending up with a new pair of eyes looking back at me in the evening. And the comments and support on Facebook have been great too! So, after I have a couple of days to nap and catch up on the rest of my life, I hope you will send me more pets to paint...because I really LOVE doing it!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Painting #29 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat Challenge


                                        © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"

Another dashing fellow who delights his family in New Jersey. He also looks very persuasive and I bet he is looking for a treat!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Painting #28 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat Challenge

"Daisy Girl"

                                         © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"

How can you say no to such a face? I know her "Mom" Eva is crazy about this pit bull terrier. I bet she gets lots of treats when she looks up like this! Hope your week if off to a great start. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Painting #27 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat Challenge

"Boo Boo"

                                         © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"

This painting was commissioned by Boo Boo's family who live in Florida. They lost her recently and are heart broken. She certainly was a beautiful dog and her face reflects her love and devotion. We are so blessed to be loved by our dogs so unconditionally! I so enjoyed working on this piece. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Painting #26 of Thirty Dogs And A Cat Challenge


                                         © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 12"by 12"

Another day....another dog! What will I do with myself next week? This handsome fellow has beautiful eyes and a regal look. Perhaps he is contemplating going for a swim?