Monday, September 26, 2016

All Lit Up!

All Lit Up!

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 20"x 20"

Over the last six months, I have shared that I am part of a masterclass of artists growing their businesses and art. Part of this process is learning about our values and becoming more aligned with them. I have always loved animals and find such great joy in painting them. I was becoming more and more conflicted that my diet included so much of what I paint! So in April, I quit eating meat. It has been so much easier than I thought and has been a a wonderful transition for me and has had some great health benefits as well. Another influence has been The Gentle Barn with is a sanctuary for abused animals and I see daily posts on my Facebook feed. My favorite stories are about Dudley, the bull, and Madeline and her calves. Now, my next mission is to visit Dudley in Tennessee and to give him a hug. :-) 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lil' Sparrow

Lil' Sparrow

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 6" by 6"

Have a wonderful weekend! It was so awesome to see the sun again today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Roosters, Fish, And A Commission, Oh My!

Real Rockin' Rooster

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 8" by 8"


This guy found a new home up on the Eastern Shore. Looking forward to painting in my studio today as it is a dark, rainy day.  Finishing up a pet portrait commission and the koi I began with my class last Wednesday. Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bluebird For You! Miniatures For Your Gift List

Bluebird For You!

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 6" by 6"

This time of year when school begins and autumn approaches, thoughts begin to turn to the holidays. Paintings this size are the perfect size for gift giving or perhaps "gift asking"? :-o
Birds are one of my favorite subjects and judging from how many I have sold over the years, they hold a special place for collectors as well. I love the colors of the bluebird as they combine the complementary colors of blue and orange which is such an exciting combination.  Do you have a favorite bird that you would like to see me paint? Favorite color combination?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cows, Koi, and Computers!


So happy to have my computer back and running. There is only so much you can accomplish on your phone especially when most of you images are on it. This bovine gal found a good home to a collector in Virginia Beach. She saw another of my cows at a friend's house and wanted to have her own. Do you know anyone who wants to start their own herd? :-)  Today's post has to be brief. I am off to teach a class in Virginia Beach in oil and we are painting koi this evening. I am really looking forward to it. They are so colorful and make me think of beautiful gardens with running water and wandering paths of gorgeous flowers and foliage. I will take some pictures and share later. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Louie The English Bulldog

                               6" by 6" at for purchase information.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but I beg to differ. My computer is on the fritz again and the old dog is me. I am writing this post on my phone for the first time in all these years. I will be waiting anxiously at the Apple store for them to open tomorrow. This is stressful. Probably not for a much younger dog! But it is always good to improvise and try new things. Thanks for checking in with me!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 4" by4"

Some artists find painting something this small very confining. I really enjoy it. I also like to paint larger pieces but seldom paint larger than 24 by 24. I guess I need to stretch in the other direction and do one HUGE painting. It can actually take just as long almost to paint a small one. Just depends on how strong your arm is for those big long brush strokes! :-) Can you guess why I named this one, Tweet Tweet? Well, I need a birder out there to tell me what kind of bird this is! I think it is pretty sweet. I miss having a bird feeder to get to know some more birds and see them up close!

Monday, August 29, 2016

One Of My Favorite Tools In The Studio

Goose Goosey Gander

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 11" by 14"

One of my favorite tools in the studio is this signing tool. It is a wipe out tool by Kemper. The rubber tip pushes away the oil paint and reveals the color of the canvas below. I especially like when I use it when I have tones the surface of the canvas with red. It works best when you complete a painting in one session or sign before it is completed. As I worked on the painting above in stages, I used an oil pen instead.  I used an oil pen above which are another nice invention. Another option is the old fashioned way of using a fine pointed brush and some paint to do the job!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Importance Of Having Your Own Website

Sparrow In The Light

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 6" by 6"

This little miniature is currently in the last hours of auction on If you click on the link above you can put in your bid. It is at a very low price so give it a try!

So why should artists have a web site? Well, most importantly, you need a place to exhibit your paintings and give people the opportunity to buy. I have been a member of or since 2007. It is an artists web site designed and run by artists. They have beautiful templates to choose from and it is SO easy to just upload your photos and information.  So much has changed since 2007 with so many options online now but I have still remained loyal to FASO because they have produced a really good product and have unsurpassed customer service. I use their help....alot! I have done special pages for time limited sales. I have wanted to personalize the way I wanted my pet portraits page to look and added my blog from another platform, blogspot, to my web site and also my print store on imagekind now is accessable directly from my web site. They have monthly art contests with prizes and good marketing advice and much more. You can choose a template that is compatible with cell phones with is really important these days when many people are looking up web sites on their phone when they are on the go. I have their gold plan which is their highest plan and have been very pleased. Twelve years without changing says a lot about this group and you can have a free month to give it a try. Tell them I sent you. Yes, I can get a free month if you sign up but I would send you there anyway. Once you have your web site and you get your business cards you are well on your way to being a professional. Next, you have to send people to your site. Nothing beats word of mouth and YOU promoting your work.  Go to for more info!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taking On Commissions


"I'd rather paint what I want and not do commissions." This is a commonly expressed thought among many artists and I have had my moments when gripped with those gremlins of doubt or worry of meeting expectations. I have learned to ignore those darn gremlins and the joy of accomplishing the job and getting wonderful feedback from a client who is thrilled with the painting is well worth it! I would say that a third of my painting efforts are devoted to doing commissioned paintings especially around the holidays. Pet portraits done from a photo provided by a client are especially fun. I love animals. If my landlord allowed I would have a menagerie. Instead, I enjoy being surrounded for a time by other people's pets in the form of paint and canvas. Beatrice was a commission by a collector for her neighbor's birthday. She took the photo on the sly and contacted me. I can't imagine a more special personal gift. She was very touched. Send me an email for more information. Thank you for checking in with me. Hope you have a great day!