Saturday, November 18, 2006

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper is a 6 by 6 original oil on a gallery wrapped canvas with deep sides. Fruits and veggies are fun and easy subjects especially on the weekend when there is a lot going on around here. My son came home from college today so there were college games and shopping. We got a new Farm Fresh store down the street which is awesome. We both checked it out and were very impressed with the beautiful hardwood floors and AMAZING produce section. There were things that I've never seen before which I'm sure will make it into my work soon. They had pineapples that were only about 4 inches tall! The herb isle had live growing herbs under grow lights. You'd have to see it but it was an experience. So if you want to check out this piece, click on my eBay store link and you will find it there. If you like what you see, tell a friend! The holidays will be here soon! Nite, Norma

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