Friday, December 29, 2006

Chincoteague Wild Pony

This piece is a 12 by 12 oil inspired by my painting trip to Chincoteague this past September. I think I will need to do some tweeking tomorrow. Some paintings really flow out and others don't....this one is one of them but I will give it some more attention tomorrow. I like to make my best effort to post my daily work each day so I made the decision to just put it on tonight. Even when the result is not what I'd hoped....the process is still one of joy and discovery. Something that I have noticed is that a sort of familiarity and intimacy grows with whatever subject I am working on....I may have looked at something many times but after I paint it...there is a knowing that is hard to describe. I guess that is why time passes so quickly and seems almost like slows the mind and feeds the soul...enough philosophizing! Till tomorrow....

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