Sunday, July 01, 2007

County Kerry White Cow Art

Today's post was inspired from photos sent to me from my friend Barbara who lives off the coast of Kerry on Valentia in Ireland. A year ago I was inspired to begin painting cows from all the wonderful cows I saw on my trip over there. She was kind enough to send me the cows that are grazing in the field behind her home this summer. Each one is unique and has their own wonderful character. That is what I am trying to capture when I paint them. Many of them...I could find in a field from the paintings I do....they become so familiar to me during the process. This piece is a departure from my usual square format and I am pleased with the new size. It is a 16 by 20 original oil on gallery wrap canvas. I do an under coat of red acrylic and you can see the red peeking throuh in places. Hope you enjoy. Have a great week!

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