Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Norma Wilson Original Oil Brown and White Cow at Dusk

Today's post is a 16 by 20 original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted making framing optional. I first saw this cow on my return home from Philadelphia. I was on the eastern shore crossing from Maryland into Virginia when I noticed a field of cows lit up at dusk in a spot where I could actually pull over and take some pictures. There were about 100 cows all pretty close to the road and when I stopped the car, every eye was on me. It was a pretty mystical momen...I could hardly move! Perhaps it is all the time I have spent up close and personal with so many cow faces but I have never felt such a connection before. I was able to get quite a few good shots and will be posting more home grown cow faces in the weeks to come. I even got a few great geese photographs with the same great lighting. Hope you enjoy! It is currently on auction on eBay. Click to Bid!

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Roxanne Steed said...

ooh - I know that field you are talking about!!!! cool! - it is a beautiful drive & this cow is particularly beautiful!! Glad you got to be there!!