Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Norma Wilson Original Oil Tiny Rooster Chicken Art

6" by 6" original on wrap around canvas.

Wow! What a busy day I have had in my studio again. I came home from my workshop in Raleigh with such inspiration. It was all about approaching your work with the fun and playfulness of a child. We all get so serious and tight as we get older. I sit quite a bit when I paint, especially when I work on small canvas but the past two days I stood the whole time I painted which is about six hours. I do take breaks but I had my favorite toons playing and worked on several pieces at the same time, switching back and forth. I really had fun and was exhausted from all the fun! I am looking forward to another day in my studio today working on two commissions and a pear series that I began on Monday. Have a great day and see if you can find ways to let the child in your have fun at work! Click to Bid!

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