Monday, January 07, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Oil Cow Lit In Snow Cattle Art

20" by 20" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

Hope all is going well with you now that we are a week into the New Year. It has taken awhile to get my focus back in my studio now that the holidays are over. My son is still home with is black lab, Brewsky. Today began with him breaking out of our yard and taking an unauthorized swim in the lake behind the house. It did feel like summer time today! I think he rolled in a couple of dead fish first so that made it necessary for my son and I to give him his first bath. All 70 plus pounds of him wrestling Sean in the bathtub while I tried to get some waterh and soap on him was quite a sight. They are leaving this Friday....back to college life and hopefully I will keep myself busy painting! I know I will miss them as soon as they leave. I am excited about tonight's post. The contrast of the light and dark with colorful highlights are very pleasing to me. Hope you like it too! Click to Bid!

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