Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello All,
Today I am not posting a painting but did want to check in and just say....Hope your weekend is wonderfully restorative and fun!!!! I had a great trip to Raleigh to see my friend, Susan Hecht. Check out her web site at We both began our painting journey at the same time with the same teacher and have followed our bliss as they say, selling our work and teaching. I am aways filled with inspiration when I return and it never seems long enough! I just finished a newsletter which is sent through my web site... If you'd like to receive it, just visit my site and go to email newsletter and subscribe. You can also receive my daily paintings in your inbox by subscribing in the box at the top of my blog. You can unsubscribe at any time. My newsletters come only a couple of times a month. :-)
I also wanted to mention that anyone local interested in art lessons, I will be teaching private and semi-private at my new studio in Portsmouth. We can talk about hours and all the details. I can teach, acrylic, paste, and oil....whatever interests you! Thanks for checking in with me and I plan on posting a painting tonight....tomorrow at the latest. I am having a great time with my sons around and Brewsky, the crazy, huge, black lab puppy. :-0 Bye!

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