Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Oil Coyote Wild Animal Portrait

Fiery Coyote Sits In Wait

12" by 12" original oil on wrap around canvas with 3/4 inch sides painted.

Hope your week is going well. I started mine with a long walk in surrounding neighborhoods and was gone for almost an hour. The weather is SO beautiful. This time of year is definitely my favorite! I worked quite a bit in my office on paperwork which is a necessary evil and then finally got to paint this afternoon and evening. I am really pleased with today's painting. It is my first coyote and it brought back memories of being a young Navy wife in California. We had hills that backed up to our neighborhood and used to hear the coyotes howling in the night. I think they are too afraid to come down in the day time so I never saw one. I read some facts on them and didn't realize they could mate with dogs. It also said on their front paws they had five toes! You really learn something every day! Thanks for stopping by!
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