Monday, June 08, 2009

On My Way To Waterford

On My Way To Waterford

24" by 30"

This piece is in my personal collection and was done from memory and photographic reference of a special place in Waterford, Ireland where my mother was born and a bunch of my relatives live. My family is a large Irish family on that side of the ocean and I have such warm memories of time spent there. I loved the rugged stone wall against such a serene setting. I hope to go back there again soon but in the meantime this painting transports me there!

We had a busy weekend with sand soccer at the beach. It was great to spend time listening to the waves crashing and I love to watch the children experiencing the wonder of the ocean for the first time as they venture out and race back in trying to beat the waves back to shore!

Today was a day of reflection in my studio...what to paint next and getting in some much needed art supplies. I got started sketching in a couple of new ones but did not finish anything new. I am excited to work on a starfish....inspired by my trip to the beach.

One of the new galleries that is carrying my work is having an opening this Friday. Gallery 5800 on Grove Avenue in Richmond if you are nearby! Happy Tuesday!

p.s. just realized my image was too small so I will photograph the original again in the daylight tomorrow. :-0

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