Sunday, July 26, 2009

Norma Wilson Rooster Art


Rooster In The Spotlight!

7" by 11" on multimedia art board which could be matted and framed or framed directly and does not require glass over it!

I first discovered this new painting surface at a workshop taught by Dorothy Fagan. I loved how her oil paints looked on it and then when I painted with Laura Dietrick at her house she was so enthusiastic about it and gave me this piece to work on. I will definitely be working with it more on future paintings. Here is some information on the board from Jerry's Artarama site.
"This is the latest innovation in the materials you can use to paint on in virtually any media. This product is made from a mixture of paper pulp and thermal set epoxy resin. It may be painted upon with oil or acrylic color without pre-priming and when pre-dampened is a highly dependable surface for the watercolorist. In fact this sheet will not buckle so it does not require pre-stretching.

This product will not yellow, is Acid-Free, Neutral pH balanced and will not deteriorate since it will not absorb water! Use it on the lightbox for tracing since it’s translucent. Multimedia Artboard will also bring out the brilliant colors in your designs, will hold a definite edge and will never bleed." If you would like more information on this painting, contact me at!

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Laura Dietrick said...

Norma, isn't this media board too cool? I love that you can cut it to size, which is great if you have an odd sized, antique frame. I also love it because it travels well and the oils take less time to dry. I would love for it to come in more than black, white and yellow....