Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Norma Wilson Bluebird Bird Art

Pretty Bluebird

6" by 6" original oil on wrap around canvas with 3/4 inch sides painted.

As I sit here writing my blog, mother nature is carrying on outside my window with lots of
rain and thunder and lightning. There is something kind of comforting about a summer storm
cooling the earth after a very hot and humid day. So many things change in our lives but some events like the sun rising in the morning, the moon at night, the sound of rain and thunder...ahhhh. Not sure why I am feeling all poetic about it all at the moment but alas...I am!
Have you ever imagined what life would be like without birds? I think about things like that too and I can't imagine it...they provide such color and music and so much to watch when you are out in nature or even doing the dishes in the kitchen! I sure do love to paint them! This piece is available for 125.00 with shipping and handling included!

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Laura Dietrick said...

When we have the storms like the ones recently, where do the birds go?