Friday, September 04, 2009

Keep checking back!

Thanks for checking in....just wanted to tell my readers that I am up in Massachussets visiting with my Mom who has been ill. I am glad to be here seeing her get stronger every day. She gave us a scare! When I came back to my sister's place tonight from the hospital, I saw a skunk wadling through the back yard! A few seconds earlier and I may have been in trouble! It reminded me of years ago when we lived in Rhode Island and our dog was out back and saw a skunk. Before anyone could react to stop her, she chased after it! It was the summer and all the window were open. It actually burned the inside or our noses! I can attest to the fact that tomato juice does not help! Only time took care of it. Well, I am not sure when I am returning yet, but hope you will keep checking with me as I hope to get back to work painting very soon! Hope your labor day weekend is safe and enjoyable!

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