Monday, January 11, 2010

Norma Wilson Original Oil Irish Landscape Seascape Cottage

Cottage By Galway Bay

6" by 8" original oil on masonite board

Many yearsago, on a trip to Ireland with my mother, we traveled with my Aunt and cousin from Waterford to the other side of Ireland to the rocky west coast of Galway. This painting was inspired by a photograph taken on that trip. I used to dream as a little girl of returning to Ireland to live in one of these little cottages that dot the seaside and seem so enchanting with their white washed exteriors and thatched roofs. Today I was able to live a little bit of that dream while I painted. I did this small study in preparation of doing a large one for my mother who wants to put it over her sofa. Then I can almost walk into it and stay a bit! :-) Hope it will remind her of her homeland and bring a smile to her face each time she sees it. For more information on this piece contact me at

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