Friday, April 30, 2010

Norma Wilson Original Oil Rooster Chicken Painting Art SOLD

Early Mornin' Riser  SOLD

6" by 12" on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

I have always admired roosters for their ability to get up so early and greet the day with such enthusiasm. Ever since I can remember I have greeted the day in quite a different fashion. I remember my Mom hitting the kitchen ceiling below my room with a broom handle and hearing her call out NORMA....time for school!!!! Now I awaken to my cell phone and max out on the number of times I can hit the snooze button! Some things never change. Once up and after my first cup of coffee...I slowly adjust to daylight and ease into the day. For now, I will just keep on admiring people who are like roosters and naturally jump out of bed!

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