Monday, April 26, 2010

Norma Wilson Original Oil Virginia Artist Wood Thrush Bird Painting Aviary Art SOLD

Balancing Act  SOLD

5" by 7" original oil on wood panel with linen finish

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt like the guy at the circus who gets those plates to spinning and tries to impress us with the numbers he can spin and keep them all going without losing any! Well, I was having trouble even getting the plates to spin! Andrew woke up sick and I knew we had to take him in to see the doctor. There went the plan to go to the Navy commissary to grocery shop so the next plan was to go to Farm Fresh and get the military discount for military appreciation Monday! I even had my military ID in my hand to remind me and walked out without asking for the discount. I really think all the people could have been wearing flashing signs to remind me and it wouldn't have worked. Back at home I still can't find my plantronics ear phone....did hear something loud get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner! I didn't get my package shipped but did get a box and finally was able to get some time at my easel last night which did wonders for me to feel like I at least got one plate to spin and liked how this bird seemed to be doing a great job balancing on this branch! Some days I am like this bird and some days I am more like the squirrels I see who come crashing out of the trees and hit the ground! Hoope you have a balanced and smooth day today! Why don't they make a way that you can call your ear pieces!

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