Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Vistas....


New Vistas

     I have been really enjoying these collages!  I think I will make it a practice to do one every weekend highlighting some of my recent works.  Sometimes it is good to see them in a collection and to also highlight a trend.  Lately I have been drawn to painting new vistas...water views!  I have also been working more with a palette knife and lots of texture.  I have been fortunate to live near the water all of my adult life.  I have even considered moving closer to the ocean so I can be inspired daily by the sea.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend and have been doing something fun!
     Yesterday I saw the King's Speech.  It was SO good.  I highly recommend it if you have not yet seen it.  Such a wonderful story of triumph and friendship.  
     I have been adding more paintings to my sold and available categories that can be accessed at the top of my blog and also on the side at the top.  If you are interested in any of these works, you can find them under available works! You can purchase using pay pal or contact me at for other options.  Thank you for visiting with me and for all the comments and emails!  Welcome to my new followers and subscribers!

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