Friday, March 04, 2011

Female Mountain Bluebird

Female Mountain Bluebird
6" by 6" original oil on panel

I loved the light on this bird and really enjoyed working on it.  I am SO happy it is the weekend as my sons will be home!  I can't write much now as one will be here any minute.  The cat is on my typing arm again.  She LOVES Andrew so I am sure my arm will be cat free during all of spring break.  I don't mind being second choice though...I love to see how excited she gets when he gets home.  She will be going in circles, purring and meowing like crazy soon!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping for a visit!  

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1 comment:

Roxanne Steed said...

Wonderful sense of atmosphere, makes me feel like spring is really gonna make it here soon!!