Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

12" by 12" original oil on panel

I once saw a video of an elephant walking through the jungle and came upon a turtle who was right in his path.  He stopped and gently pushed the turtle aside before continuing on his way.  I just thought it was so kind.  Anyway, I have always loved elephants but have never painted one....til now.  It was so much fun to do.  I hope to do another, much larger version to take up to my gallery in Richmond.  I have also been working on a commission of an angus cow for a client to give as a birthday gift to her husband.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.  I have almost finished priming my dining room but am now stuck between two colors....classic gray and jimica.  One is slightly more beige.  I love coastal decor and want to hang some white curtain panels made of sailcloth.  I think I will do two squares of each color and live with them for awhile.  Well have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Susan B Hecht said...

I love this Norma! Just beautiful!

Norma Wilson said...

Thank you Susan!

Jerry Stocks said...

So well done. Good luck on your paint choice. I love sailcloth curtains.