Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Is There An Ostrich In The House? Sold

 Is There An Ostrich In The House?


     Such a face!  Such a little head....such a huge body!  But boy, can they run!  Guess when flying
didn't work out for them, they decided to take up sprinting!  I do love their inquisitive expressions.  I began this piece with hot pink acrylic again which I have done on the last few paintings.  I love the way it peeks through in places. 
     Today was super busy in my studio ordering supplies and stocking my new easels that I will be offering with all paintings up to 12" by 12".  I have a picture of one displayed on the side of my blog.
 I am working on my newsletter for March and will be announcing my winner for the monthly painting
giveaway for the month of February.  To be in the drawing for March, sign up for my newsletter or
daily blog posts by email.  Hope you have a super Wednesday!

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Roxanne Steed said...

haha- you can't help but smile at a face like that!! wonderful!

Norma Wilson said...

thank you Roxanne!

Anonymous said...

Love the look on that face :)