Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SOLD All Mine!

SOLD All Mine
12" by 12" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding something you used to look forward to doing like nothing else in your life?  Well, for about a year now, I have been finding myself wanting to paint less and less and have procrastinated in all kinds of ways, to avoid heading to my studio.  I passed it off as a result of feeling pressured to paint daily and having done it for six years now and also that I needed to spend so much time marketing and doing the other jobs of a full time artist who wears all the hats of the business of making art.  After sharing my angst with friends...endlessly...I have really patient friends, beating myself up, and prayer...I think I have had a bit of a breakthrough.  I took a wonderful workshop last month with Gloria Coker who advised me to start painting from memory the things that were important to me and rely more on intuition and allowing the process to unfold...kinda like life.  When we let go of trying to control outcomes and let things evolve...we can be happily surprised.  It takes faith...that there is a higher power that guides all areas of our life when we let go!  After taking a bike ride today which was also good advice from a friend...not to enter my studio until I had done some sort of exercise, I STILL procrastinated before leaping into painting.  Once I did though I felt like I had taken the lid off my internal pressure cooker!  I painted and time flew.  I cranked up my tunes like Ella Fitzgerald and painted  this cow totally from my imagination and I am sure memory of many cows I have done before but when I finished there was
a much greater sense of accomplishment than I have been feeling in a long time.  Don't get me wrong...I have had enjoyment while painting over the past year but I felt like a child who refused to go to bed and finally falls asleep exhausted.  I would finally get the paint going after so much angst that I would be exhausted after one painting.  Today I completed three and feel great!!!  It might not seem like that big a leap for some people but for someone always worried about doing the right was big.  The cool part is that it started as a black and white cow and thought I would make the background light and it just sort of led me elsewhere!  Thanks for listening to me ramble.  Hope you had a day full of fun surprises too!

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Claudia Finn said...

That is the sweetest expression!!You can capture the personality of an animal so beautifully!! Friend, I am so happy to hear about a breakthrough!!YEA!!!

Norma Wilson said...

Oh thank you! Yea!

Roxanne Steed said...

What a sweet face! And what a great, inspiring breakthrough!!!

Norma Wilson said...

Thank you Roxanne! Hope you have a wonderful time with your Mom!