Monday, May 23, 2011

Piggy Wiggy

 Piggy Wiggy
6" by 6" original oil on panel

     I just love this pig and so enjoyed painting him!  I had a wonderful weekend with friends.  I consider myself to be incredibly blessed with amazing friends!  On Saturday, my friend, Lena, who is a whiz at organization and staying on task....helped me tackle my studio.  I have shared before that I have gone through things and purged and did my best to organize but I am no match for her skills!  In five hours we had gone through everything, totally refigured my painting area, inventoried all my supplies and even rehung the doors on my closet and put down new area rugs!  I felt like a little kid going into my space today feeling so much lighter and clearer in my head!  I had a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart for my dear friend who has been in my life for over 25 years now.  She does these things because she says she loves to do them but I see it as a true gift of love.
    Next, I spent the day yesterday with my friend, Pat, who I hadn't seen in awhile.  We went to the ocean front and got caught up walking the boardwalk and enjoyed the most incredible weather.  Afterwards, we stopped and visited her parents who have a beautiful garden and they were so kind to share some of their plantings.  I grew up in the city and did not really learn much about gardening but love to spend time in beautiful gardens...especially cottage gardens.  When we left, we had hostas, purple ice plant, and several other ground covers and a tall stalk that looked like a hosta but wasn't.  I was out early this morning planting everything and thinking of more things I would like to add like shasta daisies, lavender, and hydrangeas.  They are some of my favorites.  So maybe this city girl might learn to garden yet!  Claudia, your garden got me inspired to do all of this!  So special thank you to Pat and her Mom and Dad, the Kressels for sharing their garden.  More reasons to be grateful.
    Now while I am feeling so warm and fuzzy, I want to share with you, my subscribers and collectors a SIZZLING SUMMER SALE!  I will be offering 20% off to anyone who is a subscriber to my daily blog posts, newsletter, or has purchased from me in the past! This sale will run for the next two months.  Contact me at to receive your discount.  I will be sending out an announcement by email about it too.  I am SO grateful to all of you!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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mary maxam said...

I like the personality and the straight-on view here-darling!

Norma Wilson said...

Thank you Mary! I love to paint faces..and see into their eyes!