Thursday, June 16, 2011


5" by 7" original oil on panel

  Wow...such a fun day yesterday with fourteen name suggestions for yesterday's painting and it sold in the first hour.  Life is good!  The name chosen was Saddle Up Vaquero and it happens to have come from my son, Sean who participated on facebook and lives and works up in Northern Virginia!  Thanks Sean.  There were a bunch of fun names that I would like to share.  I don't have every one's name as some people just send a suggestion along in an email so I will just list the names.  They are, Waiting For Paco, Give me A Home Where The Antelope Roam, A Gentle Friend, Does My Ass Look Big?, Waiting in Joyful Hope, Start of Donkey's Day, Shy Guy, Sweet Stubbornness,  Missy,  Pocito Burrito, Can I come Home With You?, and Poco Pancho.  Thank you all!!  Have a fabulous Friday!  

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