Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gentle Giant Study

Gentle Giant
5" by 5" original oil on panel

When I worked on this piece as a study for a larger piece, I wanted to play with opposite colors and chose violet and yellow.  I like how the light washes over this massive gentle giant. I was reading in wikepedia how the elephant is considered as intelligent as a dolphin and the Chinese revere them for their wisdom. I would like to ride an elephant one day....and look into its eyes.
We had our outing today to Stoney's in Virginia Beach with the plan of painting in the sunflower fields but as Claudia said...they were not quite Van Gouh ready.  We actually ended up enjoying the beautiful weather, greenery, and great conversation.  I'd like to share some of the sights we saw at Stoney's. We saw great ways to display your plants!

Have an old sewing machine in the attic?

A picnic basket?

Future painting inspirations!

Wish I could have gotten a picture of the biggest rooster I have ever seen.  He was  all black and at high noon was crowing over and over letting everyone know it was time to get up!  The man who worked there said he does it all the time and is quite the bossy alpha male of the coup.  I will have to go back just to see him and have a good laugh.

I left there inspired to work in the garden some more and came home with lavender, a tomatoe plant and a really healthy green pepper plant.  Andrew thinks I have gone off the deep end a bit into gardening but I am loving it.  Oh, I had a squirrel on the screened porch today as he found some sunflower seeds that I had on my planting table.  We got him out of the porch and moved the bag inside but left some of the mess he had made with shells.  Later I found a golf ball size whole in my screen where he had made his way in again!  Not sure how the tomatoes and peppers will do but I read that I should put out some cayeene pepper.  I will keep you posted!  Well, have a wonderful day and check out some gardens!

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