Thursday, June 09, 2011

How Now Brown Cow?

How Now Brown Cow 
5" by 5" original oil on panel.

Funny how phrases like this come to mind and you have no idea what they mean!  I looked it up and it is pretty much nonsensical but helped to teach proper elocution.  Learn something every day...  Another hot day here in Chesapeake and I made sure to water my newly planted garden.  My hydrangeas are growing lots of new leaves and the shasta daisies are all opening up!  I keep looking for ideas for new plants on my bike ride.  I spent hours again today working on another painting demonstration and hope to get some help tomorrow from one of my artist friends who know more about editing videos. There is more involved than just doing the demonstration like how to speed it up and add music, etc.  Well...till tomorrow...keep smiling!
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