Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Piggy's Lil Piglet

Miss Piggy's Lil Piglet
5" by 5" on panel

Guess I haven't gotten painting pigs out of my system.  I decided that Miss Piggy needed a wee little piggy.  I think he looks a bit like his Mum!  Well...didn't get as much accomplished today like my NEWSLETTER! I will get it out tomorrow as it is the end of the month!  I am not sure if it was the barometric pressure or allergies but my head has really been hurting the past two days.  My newsletter may be brief!  I did have a wonderful visit yesterday with my buddies, Adele, and Claudia.  We didn't get any painting done but had lunch and lots of fun and inspiration for each other.  I must share a picture of the quiche I made.  I don't often cook so I have to take pictures and share on the web!  You never know when it will happen again!  

I was sure that Andrew would help me eat the leftovers but I guess real men DON'T eat quiche so I ended up eating all the rest! He doesn't know what he is missing!  Here we are with another holiday weekend approaching.  I'd love to hear from you about what kinds of things you do on the 4th or perhaps a 4th of July that stands out for you when you were a child!  I will always remember a fishing trip with my Dad, a neighbor, my sister and her boyfriend when I was nine.  We went to Cape May, New Jersey out in a little boat and fished all day.  I caught a ten pound flounder!  I was quite the city girl from Philly who rarely left our little neighborhood so this was quite the adventure!  I can still feel how great it was with the warmth of my sun burn that night sleeping on a cot in my parent's room by their GIANT air conditioner that was like a piece of furniture.  It was the only room in the house with it back then!  Such good memories and falling asleep to the fireworks!  That's my memory....night night.

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