Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Commissions And More!

Anne's Commission

 More fun with family this weekend and also some preparation for the coming weeks...finishing up a commission seen above hanging in my home!  She will be heading to a collector in England soon.  I often do paintings for people who want a painting in a particular size or subject.  Many of my paintings shown on my web site are smaller in size but I have painted pieces as large as four feet by four feet!  If you would like to discuss having one painted for you, contact me at and I will give you an idea of pricing and how long it will take to get it done. There is still time for the holidays!  And calendars are now available for purchase and will be ready to ship this week!

A Year Of Paintings

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MANY THANKS to all who participated in naming yesterday's chicken!
The name chosen on is FEATHERS AND FLUFF!  As always, it was so much fun hearing from people from my blog, daily painters, facebook, and my web site!  Some of the other names submitted were Ruby, Fancy, Broody, Rolly Polly, Fluffed Up, Dustcatcher, I'm Glad I'm Not A Turkey!, Gotcher Feathers Ruffled?, Bid Daddy, King Of The Roost, and Bianca!  I appreciate the fun of getting all your emails and knowing you are there!  Have a great Tuesday!!

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