Thursday, February 02, 2012

Beach Dunes

#30 Beach Dunes
8" by 8" original oil on panel

Recently,  I discovered a new type of panel to paint on called Clayboard.  It is very absorbent and 
that forces you to work even faster and has a really cool look to the finished painting.  I will definitely be doing more on this surface.  This scene took on a life of its own from a photo I took when out with my dog Bailee and developed into dunes which reminded me of when I spent time in Ireland by the seaside as a child.  We would run up and down the dunes in Tramore and ate by bonfires out there.  Another place we spent the night out under the stars.  I am pleased how this turned out as it felt like it was leading me on an adventure while I painted.  That is a very exciting way to paint.  Tomorrow, I am going to spend the day cleaning up from all this painting and see if I can find some shallow shelving to place all my paintings while they dry.  Welcome to my new subscribers this week.  Thank you to all of you who read my blog, and take the time to comment.  And thank you to my new collectors!  You keep me covered in paint and going on new adventures!  Have a wonderful Friday!  It is the weekend!  

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