Thursday, March 15, 2012

#72 Hampton Sail Boat Study

#72 Hampton Sail Boat Study
Not For Sale was a great day in many respects.  The weather was glorious.  Actually saw people coming and going in bathing suits around the beach area.  I TRIED working on a painting of a sailboat and it is one that I need to scrape.  Then I just doodled this very tight one so I would have one to post! Lol..
Mamma said there'd be days like this...there'd be days like Mamma said.  But everyone has frustrating work days and painting for a living is no exception.  My grand puppy felt my angst all day and was pacing around most of the time.  We did pop out to Tropical Smoothie for an outing and we liked that.  Bailee doesn't like car rides so it is nice to have a buddy who enjoys them!  Oh, and I did sell a hydrangea painting yesterday to a gal in California and a cow on the beach to a lady in New Jersey today.  So there you have it and I shipped several out as well.  Hope you day was a good one.  Tomorrow I teach at Harbor's Edge.  I always love seeing the ladies there and getting out for a bit.  Have a great Friday!

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Jerry Stocks said...

So beautiful--reminds me of my sailing days in Hampton on the Chesapeake when my children lived there. Now the boat is in Beaufort.