Thursday, March 29, 2012

#86 Wild Horse of Chincoteague

#86 Wild Horse of Chincoteague
6" by 6" original oil on panel

This mare was inspired by a trip made with artist friends to paint in Chincoteague.  We did this for several years in a row and the wild horses can be found in the marsh there as well as on the beach in Assateague. Each year they have a pony round up and people purchase them.  I actually painted one several years ago and a soldier in Afghanastan recognized this horse that was known as Surfer Dude.  They had bought his son at a round up.  He bought the painting of Surfer Dude as a birthday gift for his wife!  What a small world.  Well the past two days were spent painting with friends and I always come away inspired and grateful for the camaraderie.  Making art can be lonely at times and those times make us appreciate being with kindred spirits to share the joy of painting!  Hope you had some fun today and do tomorrow too!
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