Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#106 Rise And Shine

#106 Rise And Shine
6" by 6" original oil on canvas with sides painted.

I felt like this rooster this morning up at the crack of dawn to take Miss Bailee to get her teeth cleaned.
She was not too happy with me when I couldn't give her her breakfast but tonight I swear she smiled at me when I gave her a treat and her teeth look so white!  She has been asleep in her bed all night as I paint.  
It was another gorgeous day today.  A wonderful friend brought me some daylillies from her garden and some rosemary so I am excited to plant a little side garden at my new little beach cottage.  I picked up some paint to to paint my screened porch ceiling a pretty Martha Stewart Agean Blue.  Then I will be painting my wicker white and getting a beachy indoor/outdoor carpet to go out there.  I want to enjoy the porch while there is a cool breeze.  Well, for those of you who filed their taxes or got an extension at the last minute, let us all breath a collective sigh to have that done for another year.  Yeah!  In fact, I will offer anyone who reads this and contacts me, a 20% discount until Friday the 19th of April in celebration!  That is for 2012 that is!  Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!

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