Friday, April 20, 2012

#109 Cottage Colors

#109 Cottage Colors
18" by 24" original acrylic on canvas with 3/4 inch sides painted

Today I had fun with acrylic paint and a different subject for me.  Before I began to paint when my boys were all in school, I had thought I wanted to be an interior designer.  Once I began painting though that went to the wayside as I felt I had found a true passion and still enjoyed designing our homes.  For some time however, I have wanted to try doing an interior painting and chose a spot from my own home to paint.  This piece was in my home growing up but was dark wood and when I moved to the beach, I decided to paint it white to go with my new coastal cottage theme.  I love all the colors that reflect in the mirror and all around.  I began by painting the canvas red and you can see little bits of it peeking through. I think I would like to do more like it.  I love the bright colors of acrylics and how fast they dry.  Sometimes it is good to switch back and forth between mediums to shake things up and keep the excitement going.  Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!  I have had some collectors taking advantage of my 20 percent discount through midnight tonight so if you read this and find a painting that you like you can go ahead and purchase and I can send you your discount as a refund through pay pal or with your order.  Thanks for visiting!

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