Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#99 All Nestled Together

#99 All Nestled Together
8" by 10" original oil on panel

A couple of weeks ago I decided to straighten out the cover on my grill and in doing so I felt that something was keeping it from aligning right....oops!  I discovered this sweet little nest and quickly
tried to put it back the way I found it.  A day or so later, there was a fierce wind that came up from the ocean and the next day I found the nest about twenty feet from the grill and the eggs all on the ground under the grill. it.  Hmmm...there were other things strewn about from the wind so I am not sure if my moving it caused the Momma bird to move the nest or if the wind did it.  They are the sweetest little pink eggs so if any of your birders out there know what kind of bird lays little speckled pink eggs,  I would love to know.  I sure felt bad disturbing this growing family so as a tribute, here is this little painting.  I still marvel when I find evidence of nature like this because growing up in Philadephia virtually surrounded by concrete and few trees and the ones we had were really tall!  I just never saw a birds nest until I was an adult and got to live around nature.  Not too long ago I had some kind of creature making a nest under the hood of my car using the fabric lining.  Where there is a will there is a way!  We think we have it rough.  Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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Jo Castillo said...

Great painting, I love the colors and shadows. Interesting story.

Norma Wilson said...

Hello Jo! So happy you are visiting my blog! Thank you for leaving a comment!