Saturday, May 26, 2012

#146 Table For Two

#146 Table For Two
9" by 12" original oil on gallery wrap canvas with two inch sides

As I sit to write this evening the fireworks are going off and a lovely breeze is coming through my window.  The beach has been buzzing with activity all day and I have been listening to all the fun while I paint.  Even though this is a "working weekend",  I am so lucky to be able to take breaks and go up to the beach and see what is happening.  I counted fifteen bikes parked at the entrance to the beach today.  My son Sean and his girlfriend, Ashley, went to a winery in the mountains this past weekend and took a photo that was the inspiration for this painting.  Such a pretty view they had to sit and sip some delicious wine!  Hope you will be able to do something fun this weekend.  I want to go for a bike ride tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in with me!

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