Monday, May 07, 2012

#126 Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop Day 1! SOLD

# 126 Our First Assignment!
6" by 6" oil on panel SOLD

I am oh so delighted to be attending a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop in Cary, North Carolina.  My friend, Susan, and I who actually began painting with the same teacher and at the same time are taking this class together and having so much fun catching up and painting together again.  Our first day of meeting Dreama and getting settled in could not have been more fun.  She is a wonderful teacher that is funny and very approachable and attentive to everyone in the class.  We all painted from the same image after she did a demonstration for us in stages.  Tomorrow I hope to have a picture of all of our work to share.  Dreama works with a lot of transparent paints in a wonderfully colorful and rich palette.  Our workshop leader, Lynda Chambers pampered us with cakes and a gourmet lunch that she made herself. I am hoping to get the recipe for the asparagus soup that had fresh herbs in it. This workshop will be a hard one to top and it is only the first day!  It is so refreshing to get away from the usual routine and to study with such a talented artist.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Claudia Finn said...

Wow I love this painting!! I can't wait to see all the days work!! You are sure to be one of the star pupils!!!This is gorgeous and such a happy subject!!, WishmI was there to learn and paint!!!!

Roxanne Steed said...

sounds fabulous!!!Wish I were there with you all!! I know you're enjoying it!!

GabrielMyCat said...

I love this painting! One of my favorites of yours and during a work shop?!!? Fabulous! Tell Dreama hi! And I hope to join you all in a future workshop!


Olga Wagner said...

Norma...I am scheduled for the workshop starting Friday...I am so totally excited... This is one Gorgous painting!