Sunday, July 01, 2012

Coneflower Dance Floral Painting Still Life Flower Art SOLD

Coneflower Dance
5" by 7" original oil on panel


I loved how these flowers seemed to be dancing in the sunlight!  They were really fun to paint and I did 
several stages again.  I would have liked to show one more stage but I get really immersed in it and forget to stop.  My plan next time is to set a timer to bring me out of my "right brain" trance! 
I wasn't sure if I would be blogging at all tonight as the storm is messing around with the internet connection.  I will try to type fast while I have it!  
We have two winners for last month and this month for the free painting giveaway.  I have not yet heard back from them but will let you know their names and show the paintings that they will be receiving.  Perhaps they are without internet too tonight!

To begin this painting I first made a grid in pencil to help me with placement of the flowers.
I used a transparent Indian Yellow to do a quick drawing.

Next comes the colorful crazy looking stage.  I block in the whole painting using only transparent oils. Some of the colors I used were indian yellow, orange oxide, brown oxide, caribbean blue, red oxide, and doxizine purple.  Next, I should have photographed an in between stage but the end is the one shown above where I have used both transparent and opaque oils to fill in the painting mixing whites and grays and yellow in the petals.  It all mixes together nicely giving it a nice glow and the violet gray of the background helps to offset the bright colors of the flower!

Today was a great art day with a sale this morning, a call from a gallery telling me they have a prospective buyer for one of my paintings, and someone else inquiring about a commission and four new subscribers!  Hope you were able to stay cool with this heat.  I am so grateful to have air conditioning!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow Norma, this is so sunny and gorgeous. I used to have yellow coneflowers and they all died as the trees grew larger (too much shade). I have tons of purple ones though. Your pretty painting makes me want to plant yellow ones again.