Monday, March 31, 2014

Norma Wilson Original Acrylic Still Life Glass Onion Painting Art

Garlic, Onions, And Glass

11" by 14" original acrylic on canvas


This piece had some of my favorite things to paint....anything red, great contrast of light and dark, and the wonderful reflections on glass!  Before I learned to paint glass, I thought there must be a special paint for it or something unique to learn that you would only do when painting glass but was amazed to learn that it is just the same as painting anything else.  Just paying attention to the lights and darks, lost and found edges, shapes and really seeing what is there instead of painting what you think is there.  It is a challenge that I really enjoy and even though I say that I want to paint less detail...I really do find joy in the details!    Hope you have joy in the details of your day and I so appreciate your stopping by!

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