Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Norma Wilson Original Oil Sunlit Tomatoes Still Life Painting Art

11" by 14" original oil on canvas with sides painted.


This painting was started in a class that I teach on Wednesdays and we began with doing a value study all in burnt sienna.  Here it is below when everything was established except of the vines and all that was needed was to begin adding light layers of color.  I really enjoyed the process and recommend doing it occasionally to help focus on nothing but those lights and darks that help to bring form to life.  You can pull back on the lightest values using a q-tip or painters rag with some turpentine on it just to get the full effect.  

As the painting progressed, it became apparent that it would be more dramatic to darken the left side even more to emphasize the light coming in the window.  As I look at the finished painting above, I see an edge on the bowl that I need to fix!  Sometimes you just don't see something until it is photographed and ready to go...uggh.  I will fix that tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in with me.  I am getting all settled in my new studio and back into painting more often so the plan is to post more often.  Have a wonderful week!  In spite of our snowy week, I saw some daffodils all grown and showing off their color last weekend so Spring is on its way!

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