Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days! - Day Thirty!!!

Just Passing Through

3" by 9" original oil on canvas


On the last day of the Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days Challenge, I chose to do something whimsical and fun.  Our city of Norfolk, will recognize this iconic symbol that can be seen around town in the form of four foot and nine foot mermaids that were personalized by local artists.  They are a wonderful symbol of our coastal city and bring a smile to the faces of visitors and residents alike.  You can see a photo of one below that is outside Depaul Hostital and if you look closely you can see her stethoscope.  

I have loved the journey that this challenge has taken me on and thank you for coming along with me.  I plan to take the next week off and then work on painting a minimum of two hours five days a week and posting two days a week.  I plan to post even if it is not a painting!  Have a wonderful weekend!
Time to pop the cork on some bubbly! :0

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