Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Norma Wilson Original Oil Brown And White Cow In Field Painting Art


                                          © Norma Wilson, oil on canvas 12" by 12"


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Paintings from the vault.  Actually this little gal came home to me from a gallery and she
was hiding from me in my studio.  About the same time I found her, I discovered a video from 2011 that I was never able to open after I filmed it because of a glitch in the computer it was
stored on.  Apparently a recent update released it from its prison on my computer and I was
able to watch it.  Here it is uncut and if you would like to watch it, grab a cup of tea or coffee
and set a spell.  I don't know how to add music or speed it up but hopefully this has given me
the bug and I will learn these skills to do some future videos!  Have a great day!

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