Friday, August 21, 2015

Norma Wilson Original Acrylic Cow Cattle Farm Animal Portrait Painting Art


  © Norma Wilson, original acrylic on deep canvas 6" by  6

I think this gal looks so demure! How would you describe her expression?


Fowl Birdwatcher said... she might cry if she could...I wonder what she's thinking about?

Fowl Birdwatcher said...

looking at her mouth, and then the rest of her, somehow helped me to see the demure thing!

Fowl Birdwatcher said...

(continued :) was from just from looking into her eyes that I felt she was sad...I love this painting (actually I love all your paintings...these animals so touch my heart, and I absolutely adore the brush strokes...I look at them so carefully and they make me smile!