Friday, May 13, 2016

Showing Up

You Get My Goat 11

© Norma Wilson, original oil on panel 12" by 12"

Available Through Gallery

  Lately I have been loving goats. I was especially taken with this one and the sweet expression.  

Working at home can have it's perks as well as being quite a challenge.  Especially when you are working for yourself and there is no one checking with you to find out if your are ACTUALLY working! I have heard artists lament about how they cannot paint when they are not inspired and have been guilty of this thinking very often.  The problem with that is if you are earning a living doing this, and you don't "feel" like run out of product! Then, a gallery calls and requests more work or a client contacts you online or goes to your web site to see new work! So, as part of my year long masterclass, I have been experimenting with the number of hours I spend in my studio per week and have found that  fifteen hours is very doable but my goal is to increase to twenty.  I teach thirteen hours a week and spend time marketing and preparing for classes as well.  The amazing part about just showing up every day to paint is that inspiration follows.  Just physically being surrounded by my supplies and works in progress often gets the creativity juices flowing and if not, I will spend time toning a canvas or picking up an older piece and taking it in a new direction. I think just showing up applies to all kinds of things like exercise, volunteering, eating well, self care, regular check ups, etc. First, a commitment has to be made and for me, the accountability is so important to keep me from procrastinating!  Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for checking in! 

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