Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bovine Sisters And Meditation

Bovine Sisters Return

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 20" by 20"

These gals are pretty laid back. They have a good life grazing in the field in Ireland all day and don't let their thoughts drive them crazy or worry about to do lists or getting enough done.  Ever wish you could be more like that and spend more time in the moment just enjoying what IS.  Usually the IS is pretty o.k....even wonderful if you
can take time to notice. The worry and the angst usually comes from spending time in the past OR the imagined future that exists in our thought filled brains. When I joined the masterclass in March, I noticed that many of the members were long time meditators. I had tried to meditate over the years but had a complicated idea of what I was supposed to be accomplishing. But, I learned that it is pretty simple. Unplug from all the electronics, find a comfortable chair or spot on the floor, set a timer for 10, 15, or 20 minutes and just close your eyes and focus on your breath. Some days, my mind is all over the place. When I notice it, I try to bring it back to just focusing on my breath. I may do this over and over until the alarm on my phone goes off. Some days it feels downright peaceful, others...more like my thoughts are a runaway train. But now, I notice when I skip a day, I feel less calm when the day gets off course....which it usually does. I have read that regular meditation can improve everything from your blood pressure to your memory. I just like the feeling of being in the moment, hearing the birds outside, and knowing that in those moments, all is well.

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