Sunday, December 31, 2006

Irish Brown and White Cow

Happy New Year! I guess when most of you will be seeing this we will be in 2007! It seems like yesterday that I couldn't imagine saying 2000! Well, today was a fun day...slept in REALLY late but I have been quite the night owl lately with the holiday schedule. I posted my rooster late last night and then stayed up watching a really bad lifetime movie. Today's painting I started earlier in the day doing my usual acrylic first layer with a violet background which you can still see peeking through in different places. Then I went over it with my oils and had fun with layers of colors and a pretty periwinkle blue over the background violet. I tried a new paint brand...Holbein and really like it. It had wonderful consistency and saturation of color. Well, it is 12 by 12 like most of my cow portraits and it is now on auction on eBay....just click on my link! Best wishes in the coming year and as always....thank you for your bids and for all the wonderful support! Norma SOLD


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