Tuesday, January 02, 2007

White Rabbitt

White Rabbit is a 9 by 12 original oil that I painted today. I began four new pieces....all animals and this one was completed in time to get on auction on eBay and to post here. I grew up in a little row house in Philadelphia surrounded by concrete. We hardly ever saw fields or open spaces and never had rabbits running around outside. I do remember a time when a friend who had a pet bunny rabbit asked me to keep her rabbit for the weekend while they went out of town. It was so exciting to have a live animal in the house and my mother let me leave it out so it could hop around my living room and dining room. Now I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood that has lots of trees, a lake out back and tons of rabbits, squirrels, fox, geese, ducks, and more. I love being surrounded by nature! I love painting nature too. Enjoy! To bid on this piece or any others in my blog....click on my store on eBay and if you don't find it, contact me as nswilsonandco@cox.net. Nite SOLD

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