Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brown Cow Sunbathing

Brown Cow Sunbathing is a 12 by 12 original oil on wrap around canvas with painted sides. You can choose to frame or leave unframed. This bovine beauty impressed me with all the colors I saw in her fur as the sun shown down brightly on her and the great expression she had on her face. The more I paint these wonderful faces the more I appreciate all the subtle differences in each one. I just enjoy it more each one I do! This was a great weekend with a trip up to pick up my son who goes to Virginia Tech. He had spent the weekend at UVA attending a big function there with friends so we got to walk around downtown Charlottesville and have lunch together. We got home around dinner and I have spent the evening in the studio. It is amazing how a little time away refreshes you and brings more energy and enthusiasm to your work again. Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for checking in with me and if you would like to bid on this piece, just click on my eBay store link! Take care, Norma

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