Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Irish Cow Side View

Today was a really busy day of painting. I worked on about 5 paintings as I will be away at my son's graduation at JMU this weekend. It is after 9:00 and I still have to clean my brushes. Some days I am good and use only a few, cleaning them between colors. Today was more frantic and I used about 25! It is when it is time to clean them that I regret this choice. Today's post is a 12 by 12 COW! Now there is a surprise. It is kind of a goofy looking cow but with great attitude and a fluffy ear. I imagine her as being kind of the prissy one of the herd. I'm working on a really large longhorn that I will be posting tomorrow night! Stay tuned for lots of paintings to come. I have another of a cow looking down at you...really cute. Well, have a great evening and if you want to bid on this one or any others in my store, just click on my eBay store link. Thanks, Norma

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