Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mother and Daughter At The Beach

Today was a great day spent painting in my studio. I had a visit from my friend Roxanne yesterday who was down with her husband Ron, who was here on business. We spent the day chatting and painting together and had a wonderful day. Last night we all went to our local museum which has a jazz night on Wednesday evenings and we walked around and looked at the paintings. That is always so inspiring.
Tomorrow my son and the new "grandpuppy" leave for college and I have been enjoying our time together today and feeling pretty nostalgic. I think that this painting that I completed today captures the love of a mother for her child and the fleeting moments that we share with our little ones. Even though he is now a young man of twenty...he is still my little guy in my heart and always will be!
This piece is now on auction on eBay. Thanks for your support and all your bids! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!Click to Bid!

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