Monday, November 19, 2007

Norma Wilson Original Oil Valentia Irish Cow Cattle Art

6" by 6" on gallery wrap canvas with sides painted....ready to hang from the package!

Today was a great day. My son, Sean, came home from Virginia Tech with his puppy, Brewsky, and we all spent the day together. I always love to have my boys home again. Brewsky is a 6 month old lab and now and weighs 55 pounds. What a bundle of energy. We tried wearing him out a bit with a game of frisby. My older dog who has been really suffering with arthritis pain was feeling much better on her new medicine and actually got pretty excited and her own 17 year old way. Sean and I went to Barnes and Noble around lunch time for our coffee and chat while looking at some books. Later I got busy working on a commissioned piece and did this little one. I am very pleased with it. It is one of my favorite cows from my trip to Ireland. All in all.....a wonderful day! Hope all the preparations for Thanksgiving are going well! Click to Bid!

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